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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CorpWebControl?
Corporate Web Control is a software used to control the Internet access and block Internet applications from running on your Windows computers.
Who should use CorpWebControl?
Corporate Web Control is suitable for use in companies, schools, small businesses even on single Windows computer.
Can I monitor more than one child's computer?
Absolutely. With Corporate Web Control you can monitor an unlimited number of computers. And because of its web-based, all of the computers that you are monitoring will automatically send the recorded information to your online central reporting system.
Which operating systems does CorpWebControl support?
Corporate Web Control almost support on all windows xp and later version. .Windows 8 Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate
.Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate
.Windows XP Professional
.Windows 2003/2008 Server
.Windows Vista

Corporate Web Control is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit platforms.
What are the limitations of the trial?
The Corporate Web Control trial is fully functional is valid for 7 days only. The trial version is fully functional. You can use all of Corporate Web Control features during the trial. It can be installed on up to 1* computers.
Is CorpWebControl compatible with Windows 8?
Yes, CorpWebControl is fully compatible on the Windows 8 operating system.
How do you Upgrade CorpWebControl to the latest version
CorpWebControl automatically let you know and update to new version.
What is the procedure to upgrade to latest version?
System Admin can update CorpWebControl to latest version on just single click using Web Dashboard. System Admin just need to select All/Selected PC from dashboard and click on update button.
How do I install CorpWebControl on a computer?
CorpWebControl comes with very handy executable "CorpWebControl.exe". Just run and Type key number provided by CorpWebControl.
I just installed the CorpWebControl on my computer and they are not showing in Dashboard.
There are a few possible causes that will prevent your from connecting to CorpWebControl.

contact our technical support team
Email: support@indiaantivirus.com
Phone: 1800-209-5550

How do I uninstall CorpWebControl on a computer?
You cannot uninstall CorpWebControl from computer without System Admin permission. To uninstall System Admin will select and uninstall computer from his Dashboard.
What? Web Site restrictions for user
Web Site restrictions allow you to control the websites that your managed computers can go to.

Allow All:
CorpWebControl has the functionality to allow access to all web sites except Block List. Block Listed sites will not open for users.

Block All:
CorpWebControl has the functionality to block access to all web sites except Allow List. Only Allow listed sites have access to user.

What is Category Control?
CorpWebControl has covered major categories such as: Alcohol,Chat,Drugs,Gambling,Pornography,SocialNetwork,Violence,Music,E-Mail,Proxy,Jobs,Torrents,Online Games,Video
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