Corporate Web Control

Today Internet is the life-line of every thing. With Corporate Web Control, you can secure internet & block unwanted sites & control the network traffic. Keeps your employee focused on official websites , there by improving their productivity. Thus keeps your office & home secure.

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About Us

Net Protector is a leading provider of Cyber security products. Net Protector is been actively involved in Research & Development of Anti-Virus & security software development from many years. Corporate Web Control is a security software from Net Protector Antivirus Lab.It secures your PC,Office Network.It keeps employees focused official web sites, improves productivity of your staff.


website block

Powerful Website Blocking

Blocking allows to deny access to time-wasting websites and social networks with a simple point and click. This outstanding and an easy to use feature keeps your team focussed on your business and projects.

block cattegory

Block Category

No need to individually add each web-site in a block list. You can block websites as per different popular categories like Social Networking facebook,instagram,twitter,linkedin etc. Video, Music,game, Porn, etc.

protected software

Invisible & Protected Software

Software does't appear in Add/Remove programs list & is not recognizable from the Task Manager.It is protected even Administrator Account.User cannot stop,remove or uninstall the software.


Bandwidth Control & Monitor

This feature provides daily & hourly bandwidth usage reports for users. We can assign bandwidth limit & bandwidth speed for a user. We can assign bandwidth usage policy for a specific application.

block gmail attachment

Block gmail attachment

Blocks all outgoing attachments Blocks attachment greater than 25 MB Google drive Keep your office data secure & safe.

block whatsapp attachment
Block Whatsapp attachment

Block all outgoing attachment Of a Whatsapp Web Such as all type of documents file doc, pdf, txt, xls, zip
audio,video. Keep your Office Data confidential,secure and safe.


Release Date : 29 Nov 2023
Download (19.2 MB)
Previous Version
Release Date : 14 Sept 2023
Download (19.3 MB)
Android App
Release Date : 2 August 2023

Price Table

Corporate Web Control

Quantity Price Per PC + GST
1 PC Rs.750
2-4 PCs Rs.650
5-9 PCs Rs.625
10-25 PCs Rs.600
26-50 PCs Rs.550
51-100 PCs Rs.500

Corporate Web Control (Plus+)

( With Activity Tracker )
Quantity Price Per PC + GST
1 PC Rs.1025
2-4 PCs Rs.950
5-9 PCs Rs.925
10-25 PCs Rs.895
26-50 PCs Rs.850
51-100 PCs Rs.825

Why choose us?

Corporate Web Control is a software used to control the Internet access and block or allow websites , Internet applications from running on your Windows computers. It is suitable for use in companies, schools, small businesses,home PC even on single Windows computer. This software is totally Invisible/Hidden for user.
Software does not appear in the Add/Remove programs list of windows and is not recognizable from the Task Manager thats why end user not possible to uninstall or remove software from his system. Only system administrator can manage from Admin console. It is protected even under Administrator Account. User cannot stop, remove or uninstall the software. Administrator can Manage policies remotely from any location, any device.Possible to manage different location office systems with Single web admin console login. Corporate Web control software is one of the security software from Net Protector Antivirus Lab.